Community Conversation: Live, play and work in the future

With only so much space, how can we ensure that we meet the needs and desires of a growing community? Hear from place-making professionals enlocus, how public input is so important to making community spaces, well used and most interesting.

Tuesday 29 January, 6 – 9 pm
Glenroy Senior Citizens Centre, Cromwell Street, Glenroy

This event is one of a series for a Community Plan for Moreland – a place for the future

What can Moreland be like in 2025?

Imagine the future here in twelve years. Our ‘one community proudly diverse’ has grown. More people live here yet our quality of life is still good. For cities to grow and change for the better, it takes good planning. One way that Moreland City Council will plan for a better future is through a Community Plan

What is a Community Plan?

A Community Plan brings together the ambitions of the whole community, including services, community groups and organisations, businesses, individuals and Council to set out a general vision. A Community Plan is like a road map toward the future; together we determine the destination and together doing different actions, projects and initiatives we will work toward this destination.

Moreland is beginning the process to develop a Community Plan for a 12 year vision, through three Council terms until 2025.

To be a true community process, the development of the plan will need commitment between Council, other organisations and the community (you!) to identifying and reaching shared goals. Those will be developed through intensive community engagement activity, with opportunities for every member of the community to have their say in many ways.

How to be involved

Participate in Community Conversations: six evening sessions on various topics important to the future, held in locations around Moreland. Each evening includes the opportunity to listen to and speak with inspiring and influential people, reflect, discuss with others and offer your input. You can attend as many as you wish. People of all ages are welcome.

More information from Moreland Council website

RSVP by emailing or by ringing Jacinta DaSilva on 9240 2372. Please tell us the date(s) of the community conversation(s) you will be attending and if you will be bringing children, have any special needs including an interpreter. We’d appreciate a phone number or email in case we have any questions that would make it easier for you to participate.

Published by

John Englart

Convenor of Climate Action Moreland, Citizen journalist, photographer, sustainable transport campaigner, parent, cyclist, bibliophile, retired NTEU member. Attended COP21 (2015), COP22 (2016), COP23 (2017), and COP25 (2019) UN Climate change conferences as an NGO observer for CANA.

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