150 women gather at Women’s Morning Tea discuss racial abuse

20141020-MorelandLeader-pg01Women’s Morning Tea this Wednesday 15 October.

This is a special morning tea for women of all cultures and faiths to talk about what we can do to support women in the local Muslim community so our society is a safe and welcoming one for everyone. Senator Janet Rice, Victoria Police and our local Councillors will be joining us.

10.30am – 12pm. Babies and children welcome.

Supported by Fawkner Community House and Senator Janet Rice.


Moreland Councillor Lenka Thompson attended the morining tea and described the event on Facebook and sent out tweets during the morning tea:

“Over 100 Muslim and non-Muslim women gathered this morning to share stories about being subjected to racial abuse in Moreland. It was a great show of unity and love. Senator Janet Rice addressed the crowd to resounding applause as she pledged to gather their ideas to combat racism and take them straight to the Senate. One idea was to educate and share information with our Prime Minister who has brought such hatred and misrepresentation to the Muslim faith with his anti-Islam sentiment! Another was to hold more community forums, or create a Speaking Group to tour local organisations. Many thanks to Meredith from the Fawkner Community House, a wonderful morning and hopefully the beginning of more to come. There are plenty of ideas for Moreland City Council to act on as part of our support for the Racism: It Stops with Me campaign.”


The Moreland Leader reported on the gathering:

Click to open a larger version

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