Upgrade Upfield line campaign endorsed by community house

Upgrade Upfieldline

The Board of the Community House endorsed the Upfield Transport Alliance campaign at the Board meeting on 6 March to improve public transport for Upfield train line, including Fawkner residents. We urge users of the Community House to support this campaign.

A successful community rally was held at the Bonwick Street shops in Fawkner on Saturday 16 March. Read a report including videos of speeches made.


Published by

John Englart

Convenor of Climate Action Moreland, Citizen journalist, photographer, sustainable transport campaigner, parent, cyclist, bibliophile, retired NTEU member. Attended COP21 (2015), COP22 (2016), COP23 (2017), and COP25 (2019) UN Climate change conferences as an NGO observer for CANA.

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