Fawkner Community House is under caretaker arrangements

The Committee of Management of Fawkner Community House (Incorporated) has made some very difficult decisions over the last month. An independent audit report received by the Committee at the start of May 2019 revealed the House was trading insolvent.

A primary obligation is to all the staff of the house whom we have been forced to make redundant due to the house financial position. We have provided to all staff information on their entitlements and are proceeding with a process where they will be able to make a claim for payment of their full entitlements.

The Committee of Management is aware of the importance of the House and its programs and services to the local community. Caretaker arrangements have been put in place so the House will continue to operate in a caretaker mode to maintain existing programs, room hire and other services, with assistance of the Northwest Neighbourhood House Network (Inc) and support of Moreland Council.


Published by

John Englart

Convenor of Climate Action Moreland, Citizen journalist, photographer, sustainable transport campaigner, parent, cyclist, bibliophile, retired NTEU member. Attended COP21 (2015), COP22 (2016), COP23 (2017), and COP25 (2019) UN Climate change conferences as an NGO observer for CANA.

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