Management Committee

Fawkner Community House is governed by an elected Committee of Management that is mainly drawn from the local community. The Committee ensures that the House achieves our vision,  mission and strategic goals as well as fulfilling our legal, financial and constitutional obligations under the Victorian Associations Incorporation Act.

The Committee meets monthly to deal with administrative, financial and policy related business of the Community House. Under our current constitution we have up to twelve Committee of  Management members who are each elected for three years. This means that generally we elect three or four new Committee members at the Annual General Meeting each year. Committee meetings are open for all members of the Community House to attend. Committee members for 2019 include:

Ordinary Members

Faria Amin

Gloria D’ellora

Hamza Dhedhy

Spiros Haldas

Fatima Khan

Lyn McFarland

Margaret Riley

Daniela Surace


Sadly, last year we lost three  Committee members, because of work/family  pressures and health issues. Matilda Langley resigned during the year and Margaret Riley and  Gabrielle Paliaga are leaving the Committee.  We wish to thank them all for their good intentions in coming onto the Committee of Management and we wish them all the best in the future.

This year we welcome three new members onto the Committee: John Englart, Leslie Luke and   Ayesha Qureshi. This year D’ellora’s term on the Committee of Management expires. Gloria has re-nominated and we welcome her back onto the Committee. We very much appreciate all the hard work and effort put in by Committee members for the Community House during the last twelve months and we hope next year is just as rewarding.